Sunday, 30 December 2012

About Me (I)

My name is Ng Han Yit Ryan and you guys may call me Ryan
and with the picture above you would have guessed that I like lego's
and making lego's is one of my hobbies as its trains my patience and the outcome is always nice
I like to play badminton and table tennis however i am better in badminton
I like to read and play a pixel based game called "Minecraft"

I am not one to talk much except during in class when I am answering questions
When given a project or a job to do I will try my best to finish it as fast as i can
so as to be sure that I will not forgot to do it later on
Hope to see all of you in school :)

Here is the link to my picasa album 

Link to picasa album

Mindmap of Circles

Friday, 14 December 2012

A video clip that caught my attention

The title of this video is "How Chocolate Can Help Repair Spinal Damage"
This video shows how motivation can repair spinal damage
*motivation can repair spinal damage
*nerves in damaged spines can indeed connect with each other
*if rats have no motivation when moving, the nerves in their spines wont recover

Places i like to go in Singapore

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I would like to go to the Singapore Flyer as it is huge and it looks very nice and we can enjoy the scenery when we on the flyer . I would also like to go the Singapore Zoo as i can find a wide range of species of animals that come from all over the world

"Good "Digital" Practices"

Digital Citizenship-Random Thoughts